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safe journey partner

TestHuset is our trusted partner in competency development. Together with TestHuset, we offer courses to develop the needed competencies and skills to succeed in an agile transformation. With TestHuset’s professional training center we can scale the training to meet the needs of the whole organisation.

Besides competency development TestHuset ensures and improves the quality of digital solutions, by providing tests and quality assurance advisory and consultancy support for public and private companies.

Safe Journey is all about your journey.

Whether you are a large organisation that needs help with your agile transformation or you are in one of the numerous roles affected by an agile transformation and need to understand how you can find your feet in the agile world, we are ready to support you on your agile journey,

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Safe Journey recommends a different approach to measuring the health and agile maturity of your teams and organisation. The approach combines a 360º evaluation with a strategic retrospective and a growth plan.

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