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Start your Agile Growth now!

Safe Journey can help you implement AgilityHealth® to boost the growth of individuals, teams, and leaders in your organisation.

We help you define what you would like to achieve, use the method and tool the first couple of times, and we train your agile coaches to continue using AgilityHealth® as a natural part of your journey.

AgilityHealth® is the leading agility health measurement and growth tool on the market. It supports individuals, teams and enterprises becoming healthy agile organisations.
AgilityHealth® is used by many companies all over the world and in many different industries. Furthermore AgilityHealth® have specific methods supporting the implementation of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). Agile Transformation, who created AgilityHealth® are partners with Scaled Agile, who created SAFe.


Safe Journey is preferred partner with Agile Transformation in the Nordics.

Other Companies Value AgilityHealth®

In one AgilityHealth® case study an online retail company achieved major improvements on several dimensions in only 6 months. This included improvements such as:

  • 19% of Time to Market
  • 36% of Predicted Delivery 
  • 32% of Value Delivered.

Alka Forsikring has also shared their experience with a Safe Journey supported pilot of AgilityHealth®. 

Safe Journey is all about your journey.

Whether you are a large organisation that needs help with your agile transformation or you are in one of the numerous roles affected by an agile transformation and need to understand how you can find your feet in the agile world, we are ready to support you on your agile journey,

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