Coaching is embedded in agile through feedback, retrospectives and especially servant-leadership. It is a great way to help people help themselves to grow and reach their goals.

We offer coaching in several ways:

  • As part of an agile transformation
  • As part of a training course
  • As stand-alone

Coaching as part of an agile transformation

Typically people on all levels in the organisation need to change in some ways when the organisation transition to agile. Agile is not just affecting the environment or how you behave. It often touches more profound aspects such as how you see yourself and your role in the organisation as well as your core values and beliefs. Agile and its methodologies and practices are fairly easy to understand, harder to apply and often difficult to fully take on board as it might challenge some of your existing values. Coaching can help you address your challenges on all levels.

Coaching as part of a training course

Training courses offer a great way to boost your knowledge and skills and gain various perspectives on how to improve or solve problems. One weakness though is that a training course seldom allows to go into depth with each participant’s challenges. Therefore all our public courses include a separate personal coaching session to all participants. The coaching session is a possibility to address your most important challenge and to help you internalise the knowledge and skills you have gained as part of the training course.

Coaching as stand alone

Coaching is a means that can help you become more successful and feel more fulfilled. Sometimes problems and challenges are not just work related. In those situations having a personal coach to help you analyse and understand your situation and set some goals for what you want to change is a better solution.