Speed Up your Agile Journey

There are so many ways to improve agility, but how can you tell if what you do actually makes a significant difference?

Safe Journey recommends that you start measuring both quantitatively and qualitatively how you improve over time.

One of the key succes factors is to ensure you have a way to measure that allows you to get an overview across multiple teams and to spot trends as things change over time. Many organisations use regular check-in questions or mini surveys with a handful of questions to ensure everyone want to answer. The questions often changed based on what the current focus is, which makes it hard to spot trends over time.

Another key success factor is to ensure that everyone is part of the agile journey. This is sometimes difficult if everyone is told what to do and perhaps even how to do it by a central group.

Safe Journey recommends a different approach to measuring and improving the health and agile maturity of your teams and organisation. The approach combines a 360º evaluation with a strategic retrospective and a growth plan. It focuses on gaining a shared understanding of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and impediments to agile health and maturity. It promotes open feedback in a structured manner. As a result the team defines a few improvement items to focus on in their growth plan and how to measure improvements next time.

Read more about our recommended approach called AgilityHealthRadar in our case study: Alka Forsikring Pilots Agility Health®

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