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About Safe Journey

Where are you heading?

Safe Journey is all about your journey.
Whether you are a large organisation that needs help with your agile transformation or you are in one of the numerous roles affected by an agile transformation, we are ready to support you on your agile journey.

Safe Journey believes in a holistic approach to agile transformations.

We believe that you need to:

  • Align efforts to your strategic business outcomes
  • Take a holistic view of your transformation
  • Use meaningful metrics to guide your journey
  • Train and coach all people to help them succeed so the transformation sticks
  • Develop your quality practices to keep a high and sustainable pace

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Safe Journey, Flæsketorvet 68, 1711 København

We never sell or share your details, we are GDPR compliant and very committed in protecting your privacy and personal information

Vision, mission and our values

We help our clients build superior agile teams and organisations to improve their business outcomes in terms of Value, Flow and Quality

The people behind

Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, 


Mette is an experienced Agile transformation leader and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC). She is passionate about growing people and organisations from a team based agile setup to a scaled agile organisational setup.

To ensure an effective and efficient transformation journey Mette helps clients define measurable outcomes and continuously assess improvements in agile capabilities and maturity.

Besides Agile transformation, Mette is also an expert in software testing and has worked as a tester, test manager and test leader in both classic and agile projects/organisations.

Søren Grundtvig Westh, 


Søren operates as an Agile transformation leader, Agile Coach and other roles in an Agile context. 

Søren is focused, structured, hands-on and hard-working. He is a good observer and facilitator, that quickly captures what the challenges are and what the solutions might be. He is a good listener and has a fine sense of humour. Being competent, calm and open-minded people like to work with Søren and Søren likes to help people work as teams, to get the important and difficult stuff done right away. Søren has a very coaching approach, always engaging and enabling the client’s people. 
Sørens foundation is based on a career as a senior management consultant and he has delivered business optimisations for more than 20 years. 

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