ISTQB® Agile Test Leadership at Scale Certification Course (ATLaS)

kr. 12,500.00 ex. VAT

ISTQB® Agile Test Leadership at Scale certification covers how to scale testing and quality assurance efforts by fostering a quality mindset and culture across the organization. This includes shifting from a traditional test management approach typically used in sequential development models to a quality assistance approach which builds on Lean and Agile principles and values. It also includes how to adopt common Lean and Agile techniques and processes for analyzing and solving problems and how to use them to improve testing and quality in the organization.


You will learn:

  • How to promote and implement quality assistance as an approach to quality and test management.
  • The importance of change leadership, quality coaching, facilitation, and training skills to succeed with quality assistance.
  • To analyze a value stream to identify waste and other quality and testing issues using basic metrics.
  • To use a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to address a quality problem at an organisational level.
  • How systems thinking and root cause analysis support a quality assistance approach.
  • To identify root causes using a causal loop diagram.
  • How an organizational test strategy can be created and implemented in a value-driven organisation.
  • Implement assessment techniques to validate that testing aligns with business and technical needs.
  • To analyse how agile test leadership fits in an organisation using an agile scaling framework.
  • How to structure challenging test activities and test processes to fit business agility using a quality assistance approach
  • To analyse which test activities should be performed by stream-aligned teams and which should be performed by specialised service teams