Agile Test Leadership at Scale (ATLaS) at DSTB’s Conference

5 years ago at DSTB’s conference, Mette Bruhn-Pedersen talked about a future where testing as a profession could be disrupted.
One of the key points was that agile at scale would present a lot of opportunities to work with quality and testing.
Another point was that the guidance on how to continuously support an agile transformation from a testing perspective was limited.
This year, Mette will share ideas about what agile test leadership could look like on a strategic or organisational level. Some of the ideas relates to:

  • Fostering a quality mindset and culture
  • Identifying organisational testing and quality capabilities
  • “Fundraising” for quality improvement initiatives

It is still possible to buy tickets to the conference.

See the full Programme for this year’s Test and Quality conference and how to register on DSTB’s website.

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